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bitch what [14 Jun 2004|08:19am]
im soo damn cool..imean i have two live journals..i used to like this one better but it got fucked up again..how tight..and then some of u fuckers forgot about me and deleted me off cuz my name was crossed out u knew i'd be back haha, and dont add me to my other one.. i want to hang out w/ katherine(8BALL) and make our new movie (it'll be out soon enough)haha i miss the good times w/ that girl drunk walks everywhere...and i like callin rachel,not talking and playing U2 one for her haha,..thats about it for now,my monthly update...
3<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

1987 [14 May 2004|10:16am]
im older then u
maybe,but maybe not
march 14
uptown party store
i hate brown man
5<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

it was your choice not mine..to end it this time.. [09 May 2004|12:02pm]
[ mood | loved ]

miss me?
thanks to all u fuckers who added me to ur friends on my other journal,geuss u dont kno whats up
lame ass bitches*

4<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

[30 Apr 2004|02:57pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

to at school we did nothing educational it was just fun..then skipped 6th also fun yeahh..bitch

TODAY will/better be fun..
HOTEL party,seein VAS,skatepark,CARNIVAIL w/ EVERYONE,seein JOHN ...all that sounds good right..its all good..cuz steggles and i r chillen and chichi 2 o man good time to come.
i have new journal idk what im doin w// this one or that yet but..yea its

add me if u want to be on my friends list..or just leave one here

3<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

[29 Apr 2004|02:41pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

But whatever I have gettin myself into maybe has been slicing inches from my waist

 It's my fist vs. the bottle

(and thank god you weren't there...)

 And that's how bad could this hurt

or against I won't feel a thing

(and thank god you weren't there...)

 I tell you all about it

 It's just not working out

 (...to watch me hit the bottle)

not working out


*Getin my pink DC sandals today and maui wowi =) and SWARMs*. there a lil sketchy tho..=/

Peace out.. <3

1<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

[28 Apr 2004|10:57pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Well it's getting colder and you're getting distant , and I just keep thinkin that I never meant it to be like this. You know what comes next. You’re begging for a way to gracefully bow out and say goodnight.

It's worse than you think, on your way home you should have known you never listen to me.
I’m only complaining to keep myself busy, sweetie
I’m only complaining to keep myself busy, sweetie

I can’t say I blame you, but I wish that I could

wish u werent worth the wait

i cant turn around an say goodbye.. [28 Apr 2004|09:23pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

LJ is Back!! yes u kno ur happy..
IDK what im supposed to do..seriosuly..
with 0 i care conversations,or any conversation at all..
can be directed to more people then one..
I LOVE FOR THE FALLEN..but they cancelled their show at clutch..=(

spontainious people r always good..

so thats about it..
today was all n all pretty fun..

love u always

wish u werent worth the wait

MEAPS-my day [27 Apr 2004|02:56pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

people talk about interesting random stuff like in the winter people r depressed cuz there snow and darkness and they get no excersize blah blah and u get fat..i laughed CUZ IT WAS SNOWING TODAY..? then LUNCH came it was FUN cuz peopel that r not in it were and i was glad
then math meap the nazi that administered that one sucked science was better i slept after followed by 2 hours of brit lit where we sat and did nothing..well almost Annnnnd DEBBIE is in my testing room 2~

wish u werent worth the wait

ur finger on the trigger or me faced down across ur floor.??well just as long as this things loaded [26 Apr 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Soo..wouldnt u like to kno..

im SOOO overly happy that john and i might do alright togheter but i love him no matter what..he just makes me happy..

"ur always in my heart.."
i love chi steggles and my 3 new buddys there all funny lol
k8 the new GLOW slurpee u kno wat that means hahaha everythings more fun when it glows
jim rose is awesome too.. =)

i think im goin to cali in july to say bye to my bro before he leaves for IRAQ =(..but CALI will be hott shit..
SUBSTANCE rocks..i just drank bobs beer eww so gross but its fun right..? yes! i feel summer..just dont let summer stay w/ u when schools comes back along..haha
MEAPS tomorrow fuck that..i hate science and math..
i hope u all enjoy my live journal random deleteion and updates haha that 4 most of u ya cant see..i like it being delated soemtimes..cuz i HATE lj just like to update when i waaaannnnt

and this entry makes 0 sence i bet..THE CARNIVAL IS THIS WEEKEND fuck YA! that rochester carnival..best times there. HIT ME UP IF U WANAN JOIN THE NON_STOP CARNIE ACTION THIS WEEEEKend.YAY
well that about all from here..fuckers
peace hunny

i LOVE u always sexy chicas and chicos

3<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

sometimes i miss knowing soemones there 4 me [25 Apr 2004|09:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well i think..(think) umm yea were gonna be ok..im just SOO-O confused right now idk what i want..theres always a place tho..lol
good times chillen w/ chi steggles and the AWESOME sweet at life bham boys (BRIAN,ALEX and TIM)!!! love chillen w/ all u guys fun times chi..
and to everyone idk about my journal it just annoyed em and chi so..we peaced out of them..yea never kno i just felt like updating...
love always
gloria alexandra, <3

1<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

"everybody here is living life in fear of fallin out of line.." [20 Apr 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | 420..bitches ]

wow fun night..reminded me of good old days..gettin f--ed up in the summer w/ best friends
great night tho..great i loved spending quality time with john and my awsome UN tribe and funny men..sorry viz..
" belive me when i say that i love u angel..BECAUSE I DOOOO.."yaaah steggles..
<3 <3

wish u werent worth the wait

"cold and empty" [18 Apr 2004|12:28am]
[ mood | ....jus looks funny ]

i miss john
schade=the best
i love katherine ellenim so sick of lj..

2<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

[17 Apr 2004|02:24pm]
[ mood | lol ]

kate and robert r the funniest people alive
becuase of what they said last night..kate i love u ..still laughing.
=) i have like a perminate smile on my face.
viz rocks 2

wish u werent worth the wait

last night of sb.. [17 Apr 2004|01:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hah the guys were right im not gonna get in troble and it all good
and once i get 25$ viz were goin to CANADA! cuz im paying half my mom is payin other half

peace fucker
Love u

wish u werent worth the wait

screwed...just random ramble shiitt [17 Apr 2004|04:11am]
[ mood | ..idk right now man ]

yea im prob gonna be introuble but hey..its all good..i think..it will its not the worst i could do lol..just fucking no car and shit which could = no lover which will = suckyness.. good times viz and kate..robby and his friends men from like freshman art class ..funny shit.. saw VAS again,. crazy peopl im tellin u ahah
its f--in late i just got home..troys beer is shitt..eww teinken=25 mile..
kate u rang ur doorbell u dumbass..
and now i gotta go get some quality sleep,and hopefully ill get left alone by the parentals so i can see john..since i havent in like forever

1<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

UNEASY TIMES [17 Apr 2004|12:18am]
[ mood | confused ]

hung out w/ viz joey marcus rachel kyle and VAS AND TUNE AND escalade boy!!! they all rock..funny night creepy man struck his tougne down rachels throught and was all in our faces..ummm dont look at me..SUPER UNEASY i def. wasnt my self i miss steggles and chi ...i miss JOHN sooo---ooooo much cant get ahold of him..i wish i was with him tonight..it would have made it lil less uneasy.. <3 him
viz is stopping by who knows..where the night takes me since i work down river on 8 m.

haha peace now

2<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

detroit [16 Apr 2004|05:15pm]
[ mood | LONNG day..fuckin people ]

Dont know What I was looking for when I went home

I found me alone

 Sometimes I need someone to say You'll be alright, Whats on your mind?

 But the waters shallow here and I am full of fear, and empty handed after two long years Another sunny day in california I'm sure back home theyd love to see it

But they dont know that what you love is ripped away Before you get a chance to feel it

Back home I always thought I wanted so much more Now I'm not too sure Cause sometimes I miss knowing somone's there for me And feeling free

GREAT SONG..lovin it i swear NYC has like maybe 10 hott guys..the rest..well..

and i want to see my lover NOW.. <3

Im HOME i KNOW ur happy..yay me and christina had soooo MUCH fun..kinda scarey hah but were used to the scarey asses there..

1<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

NYC here we come.. [12 Apr 2004|02:12am]
[ mood | anxious ]

its early and were excited..i JUST LOVE fuckin vizes cell phone making ringing before i even get up..its SOOO loud and then her and tom talking away hahah...now were just gettin ready..so im like ill go make a LJ entry sisnce iwont be for a while..and since i love lj just so much..and u.. and i love vizes late talks w/ me. haha..and nasty ass mono in my fucking bed...rachel
viz loves tom and i love john..u loves us!

peace out ROCHESTER..fuckers..
(people at the village r soo ignorant and airheaded..) haha
"steriods r good 4 EVERYTHING"-my mom hahha shes funny
rachel loves me! kaolas..chinky

JETTA= pimp shit

aww love u <3

wish u werent worth the wait

happy easter.. [11 Apr 2004|01:31pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

everyone be at rams horn on rochester n hamlin tonight..party up..nyc tomorrow w/ viz
i just started a new community for everyone called snow_gang join even if u dont snowboard/ski..i want u there..liven up the crowd u kno..and trust me it will be sweet

1<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

</3 [11 Apr 2004|12:27am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Shitty day..im sOO happy that its over..i did almost NOTHING untill about 9 when my damn parents came home..could have had some fun for about 3 hours..or maybe seen john but no what do i do,...? SLEEP thats right..had the car to w/ GAS..fuck me.i suck..then i was gonna see him but i was too scared to drive alone cuz i HATE it..esp..if i dont kno where im going..(helps if u know ur way too ..lol) i swear he hates me..and i like him soo much...i even talk to VERY special people about it..soo him a nd zach, yelled at me and hung up.. it made me feel even better..travis came and we just chilled and went downtown ,went to vizes LEBARON and tommy..taco bell..the LEBARON breaks down..the digital dash haha..we were stuck for a long ass time and i was cold..it sucked i was sad..and the florence saved us..and when i got hom JOHN called me..he said he would call me at like 1..i hope he does..im gonna miss him..i hope it works out.. yeah and he had a point i mean but..he totally b/sed to tommy n viz they knew it too.. well i geuss one day till NYC w/ viz.. thats all from here.. PS i seriously dont know what i would do w/o all my girls today made me relize..

so to sum it all up..i SUCK, my bf dislikes me,vizes car sucks,it was cold, and i am very dumb..peace

1<3 | wish u werent worth the wait

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